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Friday, January 26, 2007

GPS-Endowed pigeons enlist to you like Bloggers pollution

Imagine If the pigeons wrote their own ones blogs & comments, could speak about where to notice the bread crumb or to find the points roosting main.

Hour, for means of fagotti high technology many small, the pigeons really have become bloggers-but they are messages of shipment approximately the smog of California.
In a plan known like PigeonBlog, the sensors in the fagotti collect the data on toxic gases, which the carbon monoxide and dioxide of nitrogen, poich? the birds traversano through skies of the city.

All information then are transmitted of new to a calculating center them, that it automatically sendes a program of the concentration of the polluting substances on the Internet.

Avian Reporters
Beatriz da Costa, a university professor of the limbs, the calculation and engineering to the university of California, Irvine, dreammed on the idea.

One of the inspirations for the plan was muovendo towards California and "seeing the smog in L.A., "it has said. "It is enough defective outside here."

"Around at the same time camera around to the relative neck has worked through one photo of one hundred years of a pigeon with one.

"The pigeons were annull one of ours first? arrange of delivery, "Coast of from saying.
It has decided to modernize this idea for ventunesimo the century and "to use the pigeons as journalists in order to signal on a situation put into effect them."

NASA adds array work to next EVA

The NASA has decided to cause that two of astronauts examines a solar panel balky in the ISS during his spacewalk the following last Saturday. Astronauts Bob Curbeam and Sunita Williams glide to lead 3rd and final EVA to program of afternoon of Saturday of the mission STS-116, completion the work rewiring on the electrical system of the station who began during spacewalk Thursday.

If the time allows, both they will examine a solar paddle who could not contract completely previous in the week. The efforts Friday of jiggle the P6 arsenal, including having an exercise of the vigorous astronaut within the station, failed to unstick the panel, who contracted only partially.

The NASA has eliminated dedicated EVA to fix the problem due to a deficiency of the training to treat this problem; additional EVA also would avoid that they made an inspection of the heat protector of the shuttle after descolar, if comes. The solar arsenal at the moment is contracted enough to allow that another system of solar paddles rotates, but will need to be contracted completely in a certain point before the orders move to their final location in the truss of the station.

French Satellite Hunts for New Worlds

A new French satellite reached orbit Wednesday to begin a hunting of 30 months stops Earth-like worlds around distant stars. The spaceship, call COROT, assumptions, or exoplanets are 1st of a series of robotic ends of test hoped to advance the extrasolar planet study perceivably, particularly those that are resembled the Earth. More than 200 exoplanets has been discovered from 1995, although the majority has been giant of the gas greater than Jupiter, that orbit near by stars of the father. "If we found as soon as a planet rocky, later we can be safe that there are many of them," the scientist this Malcolm Fridlund of the project with the European Space Agency.

The name of COROT is abbreviations modified for the planetary rotation of the convection and transits, that are what the spaceship will look for. Fixing their foot-long telescope to a specific area of the sky by 150 days simultaneously, COROT will be able to detect to cushion slighter of the light of a star caused by the passage of a planet through their face. COROT also will look for starquakes and other associated phenomena the internal star operations, measuring the waves of the energy that undulate by the surfaces of stars, a well-known science like asteroseismology. To study the undulation gives to scientists the penetration in the mass of a star, the age and the chemical composition. "The measures required for both (the studies) are essentially equal - the results of the high precision in how the radiation of a star changes in a certain term," it said to Ian Roxburgh of queen Maria, of the university of London and a collaborator of long term of the COROT science.

The European Space Agency has been using a similar technique for the studies of the sun with the solar observatory and of Heliospheric, or SOHO. The scientists glide to at least point 50 stars for the same studies with COROT. Whereas COROT is the first satellite to take exoplanet-hunts the orbit, it will be far from hard. This NASA of the decade more ahead glides to send an ambitious mission called Kepler to look for Earth-classified planets that they move in orbit around stars in the advisable distances so that the life becomes. Whereas COROT will also look for for rocky worlds, he will need to be near his stars of the father for the detection, a distance that would be probably inhospitable for the life. Europe also has a recordativa letter called Darwin anticipated mission. It would imply a fleet of the spaceship four or five that could take pictures Earth-like from worlds so the scientists can look for samples of the life.

Lakes seen on Titan

The scientists have found what they create are definitive evidence that the lakes of the liquid methane exist in the surface of the greatest Saturn moon, Titan. In a paper he published in the application the nature of the newspaper, of Thursday the data these scientists of the projection of image of the radar gathered during flyby of the moon by Cassini of the NASA that the spaceship demonstrated in 2006 July that the considered dark characteristics near the North Pole of the moon are explained more more good possible by them than they are lakes.

The characteristics considered by constant Cassini with the characteristics that are lakes include their location in topographic depressions and levels that vary of the embankment. The results confirm preliminary burdens of data of flyby that appeared to support the existence of the lakes.