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Friday, January 26, 2007

NASA adds array work to next EVA

The NASA has decided to cause that two of astronauts examines a solar panel balky in the ISS during his spacewalk the following last Saturday. Astronauts Bob Curbeam and Sunita Williams glide to lead 3rd and final EVA to program of afternoon of Saturday of the mission STS-116, completion the work rewiring on the electrical system of the station who began during spacewalk Thursday.

If the time allows, both they will examine a solar paddle who could not contract completely previous in the week. The efforts Friday of jiggle the P6 arsenal, including having an exercise of the vigorous astronaut within the station, failed to unstick the panel, who contracted only partially.

The NASA has eliminated dedicated EVA to fix the problem due to a deficiency of the training to treat this problem; additional EVA also would avoid that they made an inspection of the heat protector of the shuttle after descolar, if comes. The solar arsenal at the moment is contracted enough to allow that another system of solar paddles rotates, but will need to be contracted completely in a certain point before the orders move to their final location in the truss of the station.


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